Coast to Coast: November 29 to December 5, 2014

Alicia Ambrosio

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Here's what's been making headlines in the church across Canada this week:
In Montreal: Hockey legend Jean Beliveau passed away this week. The obituaries in national media focused on his hockey skill and his upstanding sportsmanship. None mentioned his commitment to his Catholic faith. Montreal Archbishop Christian Lepin will preside at the funeral Mass for this Canadian icon.
Sundays have increasingly become a work-day for many people. How does one find peace and rest - or even God- if even one doesn't have time to rest and disconnect from the daily grind?
The feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is often considered a Latin American feast. But Juan Diego was an indigenous person, so the Archdiocese of Edmonton uses the feast to unite in prayer with Canada's aboriginal community.
What's it like to have tea with a pope? One Vancouver  man - a former British parachutist involved in the liberation of Italy- can tell you what its like.

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