Coast to Coast: May 1 to May 7

Alicia Ambrosio

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Here’s what has been happening across our country this week:
In Alberta, the fires in Fort McMurray have wiped out homes and business and caused residents to evacuate en masse. The fires have also impacted churches and parishes in the region. At least one Catholic church is believed to been lost to the fires and a diaconal ordination had to be moved. Here are some updates:
Western Catholic Reporter
Catholic Register 
Bishop Paul Terrio of St. Paul, Alberta posted this letter on the diocesan website
And Pope Francis himself sent a letter to our Nuncio, Archbishop Luigi Buonazzi upon hearing of the widfires.
Neighbouring dioceses are already stepping up to provide those who left their homes behind with some of the basic things they need right now.

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