Coast to Coast: March 1 to March 7

Alicia Ambrosio

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Here are some of the things making headlines across Canada:
In Vancouver, the library at the University of British Columbia has acquired a 770 year old document. Why is it important to Catholics? It’s a papal bull issued in 1245 at the Council of Lyon.
In Edmonton, historian and theologian Massimo Faggioli said Pope Francis is a radical reformer who is facing opposition inside and outside the church. Faggioli was in Edmonton giving the Anthony Jordan lecture at St. Joseph’s seminary.
In Ottawa, the Conservative government has squashed a motion to fast-track implementation of a euthanasia law.
And in Regina, the archdiocese held an archdiocesan workshop to go through the questions being asked of the faithful ahead of the Synod on the Family. The workshop in Regina highlighted some challenges.

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