Mothering, Full of Grace gets Heroic!

Gillian Kantor

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

hero-mallett1.jpgIt’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… [insert hero’s name here]!
All right, well maybe having a hero or a role model doesn’t mean we expect that person to sweep in and save us. But it does mean having someone you can look up to, refer to, or exemplify. And the world is full of those people with “hero status” … athletes, movie stars, musicians… but is there such a thing as a Catholic hero?
This week on Mothering, Full of Grace, our moms talk about who their heroes are and how they can direct their children toward positive role models. Lea Mallett introduces us to her family and their heroes. And couple Echelle and Michael Nunan talk to each other about what it means to act heroically.
Join us Wednesday April 2nd at 8pm and midnight ET, with an encore presentation Sunday at the same times, and we’ll talk heroes on Mothering, Full of Grace.

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