Do you love or hate going to Confession? Perspectives Weekly

Deacon Pedro

Friday, January 19, 2018

It's probably safe to say that no one really likes to go to Confession. We may know it’s good for us, like eating our vegetables, but we don’t like doing it. Who likes telling someone else all the bad things they did? But do you ever wonder what the experience is like for priests? To answer these questions and to help us with our own Confession, this week, on an all-new Weekly Edition of Perspectives, Deacon Pedro speaks with Fr. Michael Prieur, who, for 30 years, taught seminarians how to hear Confessions when he was professor of Theology at St. Peter’s Seminary in London, Ontario. His latest book is named after the course he taught: The Art of the Confessor.
If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The Art of the Confessor, email Fr. Prieur directly at

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