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behold is a program featuring a fresh collection of Catholic stories each month. Step into a faith-filled world of beauty, truth, and goodness with short documentaries on intriguing topics. behold digs deeper into trends and themes in the Church today.

S4 E6 | behold, Spiritual Care Through Muay Thai

Ramuel Villardo brings martial arts and religion together in an unexpected way at work.

S4 E6 | behold

Celebrate a milestone anniversary for the Melkite Greek Catholic Church; meet the writers of the hit TV series, The Chosen; discover a new app to fight human trafficking; learn how to prepare for the Jubilee Year of 2025, and learn from a martial artist who never imagined using Muay Thai techniques in the workplace.

S4 E5 | behold, Renew-Toronto

Young adults attend a Catholic Conference to meet others who are navigating the same stages of life, and renew their heart, their call, and their community.

S4 E5 | behold

Gaze on the transcending beauty of a monstrance, visit St. Paul's University in Ottawa, and celebrate at the Renew Conference with young adults in Toronto.

S4 E4 | behold, Baby Jesus Party at Pauline Books and Media

The Daughters of St. Paul are commonly known as the "media nuns" because since their founding they have used all forms of media to bring the Good News to the world. Still, their book centres are still where most of the good work of evangelization happens, especially at Christmastime.

S4 E4 | behold

Meet a group of homeschoolers; help a group of sisters build their motherhouse; celebrate the birth of Jesus at a Catholic Bookstore; learn about the Feast of Mary the Mother of God and hear from a group of experts on the meaning of Christmas.

S4 E3 | behold, Sara Elizabeth Centre - Shine Like a Star!

Visit the Sara Elizabeth Centre and spend time with the joyful and talented young adults that participate in the program.

S4 E3 | behold

Go on pilgrimage to the Kateri Shrine in Quebec; travel to California for an alumni reunion at a Catholic College; spend the day at a program for young adults with disabilities; speak with the Rev. Dr. Karen A. Hamilton about faith-based protest and learn about Christians in the Holy Land.

S4 E2 | behold, Precious Blood Monastery

The Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood, in whose monasteries silence provides strength, prayers flow endlessly, and Christ's love from the Cross feeds the heart.

S4 E2 | behold

Travel across Canada letting the beauty inspire you to prayer; learn about the Archangels; visit a farm that connects you with the land and community; find out what Canadian bishops discuss during their annual plenary assembly and meet the first Contemplative Religious Community founded in Canada.

S4 E1 | behold, Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel

Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel is the heart of Thomas Aquinas College in California. Hailed as an award-winning architectural marvel, the Chapel's every detail majestically proclaims an authentic Catholic liberal education that draws on the rich legacy of the faith and its intellectual tradition.

S4 E1 | behold

Shop at a small-town parish-run thrift store; walk a pilgrimage with the Canadian Martyrs; learn about the Hail Mary; meet a member of a film festival ecumenical panel and visit a chapel on a campus in California that’s an architectural marvel.

S3 E10 | behold, Fertility Care for Teens

Fertility Care-Toronto, uses Theology of the Body, Humanae Vitae and the Creighton Model Fertility Care System to help teenage girls appreciate and work with the life-giving gift of the woman’s body.

S3 E10 | behold

We attend the Lift Jesus Higher Rally in Toronto and travel to a climate conference inspired by Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato Si’; We also remember and celebrate the legacy of Pope Paul VI; learn about a ministry that’s renovating parishes everywhere; and we explore the wonders of fertility care and natural family planning.

S3 E9 | behold, Crucifixion Tableau

Fr. Michael Prieur listened to the prompting of the Spirit that led to the restoration of a historic and beautiful image of the Crucifixion on a university campus.

S3 E9 | behold, The Cross of Christ

While caring for his son during the pandemic, Romulo Delgado found comfort in the seven last words of Christ, which he decided to set to music. The result is an Oratorio, the Cross of Christ, which he never imagined would touch so many hearts.

S3 E9 | behold

Fr. Michel Meurier tells us about his adventures in Africa; teenagers from Hamilton Mission Youth travel to Montreal for a week of service, prayer, and fun, and we learn the meaning of Discernment. We also experience the suffering of Christ on the Cross through a new Oratorio based on the seven last words of Christ and a also through a Crucifixion Tableu.

S3 E8 | behold, Connors Music

Connors Music is no ordinary music store. Little do their customers know what motivates and inspires the family behind this community landmark.

S3 E8 | behold

Learn about the legacy of one of the founders of Montreal, Venerable Jeanne Mance, and about the real meaning of Christ’s resurrection. We also meet a deacon who ministers in Canada’s north, travel to the set of the popular series, The Chosen and visit a little music store that’s doing a lot more than selling instruments.

S3 E7 | behold, Art Meets Spirituality

What happens if we combine the healing power of Scripture with that of art? Meet Fr. Louis de Vaugelas and artist Pora Lee who combine their gifts to bring Christ’s healing presence to everyone, through art.

S3 E7 | behold

Sr. Eva Solomon leads us on the way of Indigenous reconciliation through interculturation, experience where art meets spirituality and a Quebecois singer-songwriter connects her music with the whole of Creation. We also learn why we fast and the Campus Ministry at Michigan Technological University celebrates Mass in the snow.

S3 E6 | behold, St. Francis Herb Farm

Through holistic care, Paul and Caitlin Rivett-Carnac help bring out the healing properties of the earth.

S3 E6 | behold

Remember Saint Teresa of Calcutta and meet a family dedicated to bringing out the healing properties of the earth. Also, visit the Newman Centre at the University of Toronto, learn about Spiritual Warfare, and reflect on the Pope’s visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

S3 E5 | behold, Federation of North American Explorers

Learn about a formative program, founded on the ideas of Venerable Father Jacques Sevin, who based his ideas on the founder of the Scouts, Lord Baden-Powell and how it “saves souls and makes modern-day saints”.

S3 E5 | behold

Experience the Great Blessing of the Waters Byzantine liturgy and World Youth Day week in Montreal. Also, go to camp with the Federation of North American Explorers. Try practicing Ignatian spirituality, and learn how coffee can help with chastity.

S3 E4 | behold, Chris Bray

Meet singer/songwriter Chris Bray and his family as they embark on a journey in their refurbished school bus.

S3 E4 | behold

Discover the new sculpture featured at St. Joseph’s Oratory, go on tour with Chris Bray and his family, learn about the tradition of the Advent Wreath, and about the stigma of mental health and meet the babies at Bethlehem’s La Creche orphanage.

S3 E3 | behold, Back from the Dead

How can we as Catholics view death? How do we make the most of our lives right now? These questions and many more are answered in "Back from the Dead," a walking tour at the National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton in Maryland. Take a peek into the walking tour here.

S3 E3 | behold

Meet the man who was the voice of the pope in Canada and see what a difference a small food bank is making in the community. Learn why we should be going to Confession more than once a year; experience a very unique “back from the dead” cemetery walk and a unique approach to teaching Catholics about social justice.

S3 E2 | Behold, Ignite

A ministry of the Redemptorists of Canada, Ignite, serves youth and young adults throughout Canada and the U.S. by developing, planning, and supporting initiatives for them. Learn how Ignite strives to meet young people and those who serve them, where they are in their faith journeys and lead them closer to Christ through retreats, parish outreach, leadership training, justice, service and evangelization.

S3 E2 | behold

Learn about a new Institute that hopes to prepare lay Catholics to be witnesses in the public square. We reflect on an image of Christ carrying the Cross and experience a vibrant young adult ministry in the heart of the city. We also mark the 60th anniversary of the second Vatican council and Sr. Gill Goulding helps us make the connection between the Council and the Synod on Synodality.

S3 E1 | behold

Review some of the more iconic moments of the papal visit to Canada and discover some interesting statistics; learn about a statue that was used during one of the papal masses and the chairs that were specially designed for the pope; step into the papal plane with the Vatican Media Pool and meet the Deputy Coordinator of the Papal Visit.

S2 E10 | behold, Brescia University

We explore the past, present and future of Brescia University College, which, founded in 1919 by the Ursuline Sisters, remains Canada's only all-women university.

S2 E10 | behold

We explore the past, present and future of Canada’s only women’s university; Jermaine sits down with Fr. Casey Cole from “Breaking in the Habit”; We meet a Catholic family of beekeepers; Marie Anne reflects on love in the family; then we travel to Niagara Falls to learn about the Monastery of Mount Carmel.

S2 E9 | behold

Holy Grounds builds up community, one cup of coffee at a time; Marie Anne sheds light on relics; we travel to the Holy Land to learn about the Christian township of Taybeh; Jermaine sits down with David Saldanha of the Columbian Squires; Then we travel to Ottawa with the March For Life.

S2 E8 | behold

We get a glimpse of the Youth Ministry in the Holy Land; Louisa discusses the Bible in a Year podcast; and Salt + Light Media heads out to Montana for the Father Stu movie premiere.

S2 E7 | behold

Fr. Ihor Oshchipko shares a message of hope; Marie Anne breaks down prayer; The Archdiocese of Toronto celebrates the vocation of marriage with a special mass; Louisa speaks with podcast host, Rachel Wong; and Crossings brings sacred art to public space.

S2 E6 | behold

Salt + Light travels to England to learn about the Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception; Deacon Pedro sits down with Dr. John Berkman to talk about non-human ethics; The Southdown Institute expands their ministry; Jermaine shares a bit about Catholic Social Teaching; then we learn about a special ministry in the Archdiocese of Toronto.

S2 E5 | behold

The Early Catholic Family Life Program shows families how to put faith at the center of their lives. Kimberly Torio talks about Chastity Ministry; The Franciscans and Friends build community through music; Marie Anne introduces us to Doctors of the Church; and Caritas Jerusalem creates a project serving the needs of people with disabilities in the West Bank.

S2 E4 | behold

St. Michael’s Choir School shares their gift of sacred music; Jermaine speaks with Fr. Bill Quinlivan about Advent and Christmas music; St John Paul II Catholic High school goes carbon neutral; Lousia shares insight into Saint John Paul II’s Letter to artists; and St Teresa of Calcutta continues to impact the way one family lives and serves.

S2 E3 | behold

Catch an all new episode of behold. St Francis Table feeds a community in Toronto’s west end; Marie Anne teaches us about Feast Days; we share a behind the scenes glimpse of our series Yes, Lord! Jermaine speaks with Dr. Josephine Lombardi about Lay Spirituality Formation; and we learn about the good work of Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem.

S2 E2 | behold

Cardinal Collins shares an important message of apology and reconciliation; Deacon Pedro chats with Sr. Georgette Gregory about 170 years of the Sisters of St Joseph; Tiny Home Takeouts shows their big heart in Kitchener; Marie-Anne gives an overview of Synodality; and we learn how Icons can have an impact on prayer.

S2 E1 | behold, Interview With Fr. Alan Fogarty, SJ

See the full interview with Fr. Alan Fogarty, CEO of Salt + Light Media, in which he shares some of his personal history and gives insight into the future of the organization.

S2 E1 | behold

The Street Patrol team shows us service in action in Downtown Toronto; Deacon Pedro speaks with the CEO of Salt + Light Media, Fr. Alan Fogarty; We learn about the Order unique to Sault Ste. Marie: the Diocesan Order of Service, Jermaine gives insight into the International Eucharistic Congress, In Prestonsburg, Kentucky a small church shares Martha’s Portion.

E7 | behold

Cardinal Czerny speaks about Querida Amazonia. Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz gives insight into his latest sculpture. Noel breaks down the Church’s position on tattoos. Deacon Pedro sits down with Fr. Arturo Estrada, SJ. Ukrainian Bishop Bryan Bayda honours those impacted by the Humboldt tragedy.

E6 | behold

L’Arche Daybreak in Richmond Hill, Ontario, celebrates a jubilee in a creative way. The perilous work of preserving ancient manuscripts and the Benedictine monk leading the effort. A long-standing Christian mission that builds community by baking bread. Is Quebec legalizing religious discrimination? A breakdown of Bill 21.

E5 | behold

In Saskatchewan, Catholics and Anglicans work together and strengthen ecumenical ties. We learn about an ancient vocation. Noel sits down with Dr. Moira McQueen to discuss safe injection sites. Deacon Pedro explains the legal expansion of Medical Aid in Dying. We visit an innovative school in Ottawa.

E4 | behold

Look at the life and work of Peter Paul Rubens. We speak with Sr. Annmarie Sanders from the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. A high school art club show us how students strengthen their faith; find out why we celebrate Christmas in December; we reflect on the difficulties of the holiday.

E3 | behold

Hear from advocates against clerical sexual abuse in Regina. Step inside Studio on the Hill, the art studio of Sr. Helen Kluke, CSJ. Learn about the life of Nicholas Black Elk. Plus: An interview with Fr. Richard Ho-Lung, MOP, and Deacon Pedro-Guevara Mann chronicles the history of abortion in Canada.

E2 | behold

Examine the legacy of soon-to-be canonized Cardinal John Henry Newman through the Newman Centre apostolate, learn about "justice tourism" in the Holy Land, and step inside the ordination ceremony of a young priest. Plus, we take a closer look at Extraordinary Missionary Month.

E1 | behold

Step inside the life of the wife of a Catholic priest. Learn about the launch of the Global Catholic Climate Movement’s Canadian chapter. Fr. Dan Horan talks about the Congregation for Catholic Education’s latest document on gender. Then we spend a day riding with the Knights on Bikes Canada.

Trailer | behold


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