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In Your Faith

Join Byron and Rosanna as they explore the Church’s teachings in a fast-paced and fun way, offering you a practical message and giving you an opportunity to discuss what you have to say about what the Church has to say.
In Your Faith

S1 E1 | What Is God?

People have been asking that question for centuries. It’s right up there with “What is the meaning of life?” Maybe it should be, "Who is God?", "Do you know who or what is God?", or even,"Does God exist?"

S1 E2 | If God Is a God of Love, Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Does anyone know why bad things happen? It seems to be a fact of life. But so many people reject the existence of God precisely because of that question. Why believe in a God who is completely unfair and lets all these bad things happen?

S1 E3 | How Do I Beat Violence?

Violence is not a good thing. Most of us agree with that Church teaching. Still, why is there violence? Is it because of sin? We do know that violence exists, so what do we do in the face of sin?

S1 E4 | Why Does True Love Have To Wait?

The Church says that if you truly love someone you should wait to have sex with them. So, this is the episode about sex. If you truly love someone, then why wait until you get married to have sex?

S1 E5 | Y B Catholic?

Do you think Jesus thought that we would all be Catholics? Doesn't he just want us to follow his teachings and get to have a personal relationship with God? Isn’t it enough just to follow the teachings of Jesus?

S1 E6 | Why Doesn’t the Church Get With the Times?

Lots of people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike, have been asking that question for a long time. It's another question that has made people leave the Church, never to come back. Why does the Church seem to be stuck in the 4th century?

S1 E7 | If God Has a Plan for Me, Do I Really Have Free Will?

Does God really know our future? Is it because He planned it? If so, then doesn't that mean that we don't have free will? Can we change the future? And, how do we know God's will?

S1 E8 | Who Is Jesus?

He was from Galilee, son of a carpenter, a preacher, a prophet, a teacher. But was he God? This man never wrote a book, never fought with an army, never really travelled very far from his home town, yet his teachings, some will say, are the foundation for the entire western civilization.

S1 E9 | Who Is Mary?

A lot of people think that Catholics worship Mary - or that Mary is like some sort of god. But is that true? Why do we have such devotion to Mary? Byron and Rosanna explore the Church's teachings on Mary and our devotion to the Mother of God.

S1 E10 | Who the Hell Is the Devil?

Does the devil exist? Is he really a red guy with horns, a tail, and a pitchfork who lives in a fiery hell? What does the Church teach about Satan? Byron and Rosanna explore the nature of evil and the personhood of the devil.

S1 E11 | Where Is Heaven?

What does heaven look like? What is it? Where is it? For that matter, what happens when we die? We don't have any details of life in heaven. Nobody has ever come back to tell us what it's like. But we do have some informed speculation.

S1 E12 | Who Am I?

Do you know who you are? Do you know what you are? Is there a difference? Are you always the same person or do you change as you grow? If we are created by God, what does that mean about who we are?

S1 E13 | Where Do I Fit in the World?

What is the meaning of life? People have been asking this question since the beginning of time. We all want to know that our lives have an impact, that there is a reason for being. We know who we are - but what do we do with that? Byron and Rosanna explore our mission as human beings, our reason for being, and possibilities for vocation.

S2 E1 | What Is Prayer?

Why don’t we pray? Why should we pray? How do we pray? Prayers we love and much more.

S2 E2 | What Is the Bible?

Why don’t we read it? Why should we read it? Tips on reading the Bible and Bible passages we love.

S2 E3 | Who Are the Saints?

What is sainthood? What is holiness? How can you be a saint? Saints we love and a lot more than that.

S2 E4 | Who Is the Pope?

Why do we need a pope? What is his job? Who’s your favourite pope? How is a pope chosen?

S2 E5 | What Is a Sacrament?

Sacraments, remember them? What are they? An outward sign of an inward what? Why do we say that Jesus instituted them? Where? What is grace and all that other stuff you don’t remember from elementary school.

S2 E6 | What Is Baptism?

Why do we get baptized? Is it a rite of initiation or what? What graces do we receive at baptism? When did Jesus command us to go and baptize? What is the mystery that it points to? What is the metaphysical occurrence that takes place? (The metaphysical what?!?)

S2 E7 | What Is Reconciliation?

What is sin? Why do we need forgiveness? Why go to confession? Did Jesus give to his Apostles the power to forgive sins? What graces do we receive with the Sacrament of Reconciliation? What is the metaphysical occurrence that takes place?

S2 E8 | What Is the Eucharist?

What does the word Eucharist mean? Is Jesus really present? Why do we need to go to Communion? What graces do we receive with the Eucharist? Is it really the body and blood of Christ?

S2 E9 | What Is Confirmation?

Remember Grade 8? Why do we get confirmed at that age? The Gifts of the Spirit, did Jesus institute this sacrament? What graces are received and what really takes place? (The metaphysical occurrence, that is.)

S2 E10 | What Is Marriage?

Why do we need to get married? Who’s it for, the couple? The children? How is marriage like God’s love for us? What about sex? What did Jesus have to say about marriage? What graces are received with the Sacrament of Matrimony? What is the metaphysical occurrence that takes place? Will Rosanna say yes to Byron?

S2 E11 | Who Is a Priest?

What is the priest’s job? What is the Sacrament of Holy Orders? When did Jesus institute this sacrament? What about the ordination of women? What about celibacy? What happens when a priest sins, and all that good stuff.

S2 E12 | What Is Anointing of the Sick?

Why is there suffering? What to do in moments of sickness and old age? How long have we been anointing the sick? Did Jesus institute this sacrament? What graces are received with this sacrament and... Yes, you got it: what metaphysical occurrence takes place?

S2 E13 | Who Is a Friend?

What is the purpose of friendship? How to tell between a good friend and a not-so-good friend? Why is gossip bad and all that good stuff (no metaphysical occurrences in this episode).


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