To tell or not to tell?

Cheridan Sanders

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Disclosing the truth about Santa Claus. This is a difficult one. As the kids gleefully prepare their stockings, when is the right time to break it to them? Or should they just find the presents not-so-discreetly hidden under the bed one day? Are we lying to our children?  Will you stoically hold the line and tell them the bare-bones truth not only about Santa, but the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny? But then, there's the bigger question- what about the grandparents? Are they going to play along?
And if you do decide to mix traditions, how do you reconcile the jolly, bearded, red-suited guy who lives with elves in the North Pole with the jolly, bearded (most likely) bishop who lived in Turkey? And, isn't Advent supposed to be penitential - when's the right time to deck the halls? We took this question to the streets, and a lot of Christians and Non-Christians weighed in on this lively discussion. Join Pedro for this week's episode of Perspectives: The Weekly Edition as he speaks with Lisa Canning mother of two, and Patrick Douglas father of six for a lively discussion about the truth about Santa.

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