Good Adventures

Gillian Kantor

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cover of the God DetectivesWhat an adventure!! Months and months of reading have brought me to this page: the last episode of this season of Word for Word. And how appropriate – tonight we feature a book all about adventures. In “Let the Little Children Come to Me,” we interview Dr. Nancy Reeves and Linnea Good, authors of Adventures of the God Detectives. Two beautiful ladies, these authors are enthusiastic about teaching kids how they can hear God every day in every way – through dreams, through friends, or through signs. Following God, seeking Him out, listening to His word… these are amazing adventures that we can have. This is a really fun episode, celebrating not only the faith of children but also the many good books we’ve read and the many wonderful authors we’ve talked to in this first season of our show.
But we haven’t stopped reading! The adventures continue with repeats of Word for Word Season One airing over the summer months, and you can look forward to Season Two in 2008.
Word for Word airs Wednesday at 8pm and midnight ET, with an encore presentation on Saturday, June 9th at 10pm and 2am ET.

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