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Every Life Matters

Deacon Pedro

Friday, April 22, 2016

Canada is facing the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia and for many people, Catholics especially, this raises very serious concerns: About our respect for the principle of the sanctity of human life; what will this mean for the protection of our vulnerable people? How will this affect our healthcare professionals who may be forced to participate in these practices against their conscience? We need to discuss all of this and that is why Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton has invited all of us to join him for the series that he’s titled Every Life Matters.
The series included a series of five conversations with Archbishop Smith and several other legal and medical professionals, as well as parents and people suffering from disabilities. These took place all over the Archdiocese of Edmonton and were streamed live on the Internet.

Every Life Matters will begin airing on S+L TV Saturdays and Wednesdays, starting this Saturday, at 9pm ET / 7pm MT.

1. What’s it all About? Airs Saturday, April 23 - 9pm ET / 7pm MT (Repeats: Sunday, April 24  - 1 am ET / Saturday, April 23 - 11 pm MT)
With special guests Kate Faught, a lawyer specializing in estate litigation, and Dr. Anna Voeuk, a physician specializing in palliative care.
2. What’s Wrong with Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia? Airs Wednesday, April 27 - 9pm ET / 7pm MT (Repeats: Thursday, April 28 - 1 am PT / Wednesday, April 27 - 11 pm MT)
With special guests Lisa Daniels, a young mother who tells her own personal story of finding meaning, purpose and happiness in life despite suffering debilitating pain; and Dr. Anna Voeuk, a palliative care physician who speaks about the need for improved access to palliative care for all Canadians. Archbishop Smith explains and illustrates Church teaching around suicide and euthanasia.
3. It’s My Body, My Choice - Airs Saturday, April 30 - 9pm ET / 7pm MT (Repeats: Sunday, May 1 - 1 am PT / Saturday, April 30 - 11 pm MT)
With special guests Father Eamonn McNerney, a hospital chaplain who shares his personal experience with a family whose loved one requested euthanasia, and Dr. Robert Hauptman, a specialist in pain management who maintains that with modern medical care, no patient should have to suffer intolerable pain. Archbishop Smith explains and illustrates Church teaching around freedom, choice, and personal autonomy -- concepts that are often used to justify assisted suicide and euthanasia.
4. I Don’t Want to Suffer - Airs Wednesday, May 4 - 9pm ET / 7pm MT (Repeats: Thursday, May 5 - 1 am PT / Wednesday, May 4 - 11 pm MT)
With special guests Jeri and Chuck Marple, who tell us how their disabled daughter Mary has been a blessing in their lives, and Dr. Anna Voeuk, a palliative care physician speaks on caring for the caregivers and families of those with severe illness or disability, or nearing end of life. Archbishop Smith teaches on the Christian understanding of the mystery of suffering.
5. What Must We Do? Airs Saturday, May 7 - 9pm ET / 7pm MT (Repeats: Sunday, May 8 - 11 pm ET / Saturday, May 7 - 11 pm MT)
With special guests Mark Pickup, who tells of a very dark time when he came close to losing the will to live, and Dr. Anna Voeuk, who asks us all to defend doctors, nurses and pharmacists who refuse to participate in assisted suicide or euthanasia. Archbishop Smith offers four concrete ways we as Catholics can defend human life against such attacks.
And once again, let me invite you to watch our award-winning documentary, Turning the Tide, which deals with all these issues and questions related to the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide. With its study guide, this 28-minute film is perfect for classroom or a parish or home study.

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