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Wedding miracles come in threes | Everyday Miracles

Eric Luscombe

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Despite the pandemic, 2021 was shaping up to be an exciting year for me and my fiancée, Katherine. Our wedding was set for July after almost three years of engagement and planning, and we were very excited to finally celebrate the sacrament.
But first we wanted to lock down a home for ourselves before the wedding day. Time was running short and we had all but given up when a condo within our budget came on the market in my hometown. I was reluctant to go see it, but Katherine convinced me it was worth a shot.
We went to see it and something just felt right. We could see our lives beginning here. Yet there were some red flags that I just couldn’t shake. As we explained them to our realtor, every possible flaw – potentially high insurance, parking, closing day being after the wedding, etc. – was quashed with good news.
Hopeful but hesitant, we put in an offer below asking (a crazy thing in this market), telling God that if this was the place, He had to make it happen. We were the first offer. When another, higher offer came in, we were given the chance to increase ours, but after a prayer together, we chose to stand firm. We were assured by our realtor the chances of winning the bid were low, and we fully expected this to be our last shot.
The next morning, we got a phone call – they had selected our bid. When the owners – a young family – read our letter explaining who we were and what we dreamed of, they saw themselves five years prior in it and wanted to help us start our lives out. Not only did we win the bid under asking, but closing happened sooner than usual, meaning we had our home two weeks ahead of the wedding. God had worked his first miracle.
So now we had secured our first home, and things with the wedding were on track. We had booked the venue for our reception two years prior and with an amazing deal. We made sure to confirm every couple weeks with the venue that even with Covid our plans were good going forward and there were no issues.
Exactly one month before our wedding day we got a call – the venue was cancelling our event because they had had a staff Covid scare. We were 30 days from sacramentally being joined together, and while we still had the church, we had no place for our reception.
I immediately called a friend who volunteers with our parish and whose wife worked for a popular event hall, praying by some chance they might be able to help. Despite being fully booked every weekend for months out, they had exactly one opening and it was on our wedding day. God had worked his second miracle.
We raced to the new venue to try to lock in our spot. We had dismissed this place originally due to our budget, but with reduced numbers of guests (because of Covid restrictions), we figured we could just manage it. Of their three halls, the one they offered us was their nicest and most private lakeside hall. It was absolutely gorgeous! Better than any place we had seen.
Then our friend’s wife brought us the contract. She said she had done her best to help us out because of our relationship and the craziness that had happened and she was sorry she couldn’t do more. When we looked at the contract, we were absolutely stunned. Not only had we found a more amazing venue, but we were paying less per person than in the great deal we had had at our last booking from two years ago! God had worked his third miracle.
It has now been almost a year since our marriage and we couldn’t be happier. In amongst all of the moments of fear, doubt, and uncertainty, God let us know that he was there and he would always provide for us. Our wedding was not just about putting our utmost love and trust in the other – but in Him as well. So every day when I wake up in my beautiful home and look at my amazing wife, I am reminded that God will take care of us always.

Eric Luscombe is the youth minister at Holy Family Parish in Bolton, Ontario. He enjoys going on hiking adventures with his wife, Katherine, and dog, Peanut Butter.

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