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Vatican Connections: Will the pope step in to resolve Venezuela's stalemate?

Noel Ocol

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Will the pope step in and mediate the political crisis that’s tearing the country of Venezuela apart? On the one hand, the country has a president who’s held onto power by allegedly fraudulent means and, on the other hand, his rival, who has been declared president-elect with the support of the people. Now, with both sides asking the pope to intervene, will the Holy Father actually step in? And if so, how effective will mediation be?
That’s our feature story. But let's look at some of the other stories on tonight's show.
  • Would you go completely vegan during Lent for a million bucks? I certainly would. But the more interesting question is, would the pope? - for charity, of course.
  • Was the pope’s visit to the United Arab Emirates last week worth it? The Holy Father reflects on that trip and shares his thoughts at his weekly General Audience.
  • The newest candidate for possible sainthood is a Jesuit. The official opening for his cause happened last week in Rome. We’ll tell you who it is and why.
  • This week in the history of the Vatican: Do you remember where you were on February 11th, 2013, when the surprise announcement that stunned the world was made at the Vatican?
We have all that and more coming up on this week's edition of Vatican Connections.

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