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The Wonder of that Silent and Starry Night

Julian Paparella

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Imagine the scene.
You’re exhausted after a long trip. Your wife is pregnant and due to give birth any time now. You’ve come back to your hometown, but you don’t have any relatives here anymore. You’re looking for a place to stay for the night, but everything is closed or fully booked.
You keep looking and looking, becoming desperate. There’s nowhere to go. You try one last time. There are no more rooms available, but the kindly owner offers you a shed where you can stay the night. Better than nothing, you think to yourself.
That night, there in that shed, your wife gives birth. You are filled with wonder and awe at this new life that has come into the world. After a little while, your wife asks you if you want to hold the baby. Your heart somersaults as you take him into your arms for the very first time.
There is stillness, there is peace.
All is well in the world.
This Christmas, on that starry night, when Joseph comes around looking for a place for Jesus to be born, let us ask ourselves: will our hearts be inns that are closed or otherwise occupied, or will our lives be humble mangers that are open and warm to welcome our Saviour? Joseph is looking for a place for Jesus to be born. Jesus wants to come into the world through you.
This Christmas and every day, take Jesus in your arms, in your heart, in your home, and let Him fill you and your family with wonder, tenderness, peace, joy, and love.

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