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Cheridan Sanders

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Apparently, one of the most subversive things you can do these days is plant a garden in your backyard. No kidding.
And as much as I dream of this possibility one day; for those of us who live in tiny apartments in downtown Toronto and work erratic hours, well, its not really an option, yet.
So no garden. *sigh But we could support a local farmer.
And so, a group of us at Salt and Light signed up for a Community Supported Agriculture program with Willo' Wind Farms located in Uxbridge.  You can meet our farmers here.
Now we’ve all been aware of the need to buy local for a while but when we realized that someone we knew had a farm that was willing to provide us with CSA shares that changed everything.
As I mentioned, most of us live in apartments, so arranging for delivery posed a problem. Nevertheless, such a hiccup in our grand plot to undermine the corporate food monopoly's devious plan to own all biodiversity on the planet would not deter us.
We needed to improvise.
Thus began my quest to find more articles, more research, more TED talks, and one by one my office mates rallied to the green revolutionary cause. The plan was perfect. Our resolve unwavering. The timing had to be just right.
So when I finally approached Fr. Tom ready and willing to sacrifice life and limb for sake of 'la revolucion', he simply shrugged his shoulders and said "sure".
….okay, so perhaps it wasn't a poised battle. But a win's a win.
And with that our lives were changed.  Seriously.  The office was pretty pumped about this. It's a tangible way to buy into an alternative vision, one that supports seed diversity, local farmers and teaches us to eat seasonally.
This week was our first delivery.
If you're looking for a great family outing consider the Food, Family Faith Weekend.

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Cheridan Sanders, a Producer at Salt and Light Television, reflects on her experiences as she travels the world telling Catholic’s stories.

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