Mothering, Full of Grace: Family Planning

Gillian Kantor

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Who likes being organized? Sticking to a schedule? Maintaining a well-outlined plan?
Well, this week’s episode of Mothering, Full of Grace has a plan… a Family Plan. Big families, small families, in-between families, moth-family2.jpghost Rhea Johner gets us talking about God’s input in our family planning. We’ll also meet Bridget and Carlo Santaguida, parents of six children, to find out the hows and whys of their family size. Couple Cary and Sandy Molyneux speak honestly about Natural Family Planning. And our discussion group talks about what goes into planning for a family.
Families… they’re all part of God’s plan. Join us Wednesday, February 20th, at 8pm and midnight ET, for Mothering, Full of Grace. You can also catch the encore presentation on Sunday, February 24th, at the same times.

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