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Mother Mary in the subway | Everyday Miracles

Rodney Leung

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Photo credit: Thomas Hawk on Flickr, cropped and used under the terms of licence CC BY-NC 2.0
Life is a gift from God which brings us miracles every day.
One of these everyday miracles happened to me several years ago when I first started working at Salt + Light Media.
Some kind person had donated some used religious items to us – statues, works of art, crosses, prayer cards, etc. – and the management decided to give them out to all the staff. We could just take whatever we wanted.
For me, it was a real blessing, and I thought this is the kind of “year-end bonus” that only happens in a Catholic organization. I was so excited and went to make my choice immediately. My eye was immediately caught by two statues of Mary, each about 3 feet tall, one made out of plaster and the other one out of resin. Since I was taking public transport to work at that time,  I decided to take the resin statue because it was lighter. It is a statue of Our Lady of Fatima.
I looked for a bag I could put it in to keep it safe on the subway, and the only one I could find that was big enough was a transparent garbage bag, so Our Lady was on full display as I travelled home all the way to the end of the line. It was rush hour, and there were so many passengers that it was impossible for me to find a seat or a space to put the statue down. So I held it in my arms until the second-to-last station, when I finally found a seat and was able to put the statue on the floor.
And that’s when the miracle happened.
A middle-aged lady approached me. She looked kind but very tired. She started talking to me, and she asked, “Is that Mother Mary?”
I replied with a smile, “Yes, it is.”
Then she touched it, with tears in her eyes, and she said, “I couldn’t have imagined I would see Mother Mary in the subway. I feel so tired after work, and I have to travel a long way home every day. I feel so blessed to see Mother Mary, and it’s given me such a relief from all my stress.”
The subway stopped at the last station, and we walked out together. I said, “Let’s stay for a while and say a prayer.”
We thanked the Lord for giving us a brand new day and a beautiful moment in the subway. We offered our joy, anger, and sorrow to the Lord, and we asked Mary to pray for us. At the end, we prayed a Hail Mary together.
This time, her tears were full of happiness. Then we said goodbye, and she went to take another bus home.
To me, this was a miracle. Whatever she was going through, this lady experienced healing from God and from Mother Mary through our encounter that day. And I was blessed to be God’s instrument to pass this healing moment on to her. We never know what God’s plan is, but HIS plan is always good.
Miracles are happening every day, and you can be the one to bring miracles to others. As Saint Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) often shared, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”
Let us live this quote out in our community and build heaven on earth together.
Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!
Photo credit: Rodney Leung

Rodney Leung is a Producer for Salt + Light Media.

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