KofC Phoenix: The Oasis in the Desert

Michele Nuzzo

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On Monday morning, Fr Thomas Rosica CSB and three of us S+L producers were privileged to attend the meeting of the Canadian Delegates, clergy and Bishops in attendance at this year’s 127th Supreme Knights Convention. In the middle of the session we were honoured by the arrival of Supreme Knight Carl Anderson who addressed the group with moving words focused on the vital works of the Knights in Canada and the unique gifts and blessings poured out upon the nation in these past seven years namely, World Youth Day 2002 and the 2008 International Eucharistic Congress. Mr Anderson then spoke of the great significance of Salt + Light Television in Canada and in the North American Church in its role of being, “one of the most visible and tangible instruments of the New Evangelization, and a direct fruit of World Youth Day 2002." In addition, Mr. Anderson announced that the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus voted this past Sunday to enter into a "strategic, long term relationship and partnership with Salt + Light Television.” He then said: "To mark the beginning of this new relationship, and to indicate clearly our esteem, appreciation and pride in Salt + Light, I announce today our grant of five hundred thousand dollars to Salt + Light Television as the first step in a long-term, sustained financial support for a network whose important mission is entrusted to a team of young, faithful people, able to communicateknights-of-columbus-2009-035-ds clearly the message of the Gospel and the Church to the modern world, all the while following the teachings of two great Popes, John Paul II and Benedict XVI.”
At these words, our unsuspecting hearts at the back of the room were immediately set ablaze. Following Mr Anderson’s address, words of equal encouragement came from Deputy Supreme Knight Dennis Savoie when he too reiterated the important mission of Salt + Light to communicate clearly the message of the Gospel and the Church to the modern world. To hear this first hand was undoubtedly an honour and a humbling reminder that we are merely instruments in this great mission that belongs only to Him.
Between the honour, support and praise that was bestowed and the powerful reminder of what lies at the heart of our mission at Salt + Light, our team made immediate preparations for a Mass of thanksgiving. For in moments like these when our jaws hit the floor... so too should our knees.

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