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A candle in Germany | Everyday Miracles

Marie Anne Torres

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

When I was 13 years old, I went to Ottmaring, Germany, for an international youth event.
At one point, we took a break from our scheduled activities to tour the city. We separated into smaller groups, with my own group making its way to a cathedral. Once we arrived, out of joy for the transformative events I had lived over the last days, I decided to go right to a pew and pray.
I began, “Lord, thank you for allowing me to be here in Germany.”
While in prayer, out of thanksgiving to God, I thought of lighting a candle in the cathedral. The idea made me smile.
“God, I’m going to light a candle for you once I finish praying.”
A thought occurred. I patted my “money” pocket instinctively — and a shock went through me. I felt nothing. I looked down and realized both my pant pockets were completely empty. In a most 13-year-old manner, I had left all my cash with someone else, currently in another tour group. My heart sank. It would mean no candle.
Saddened, but accepting, I continued to pray over and over, “Lord, I have no money, but please know I really wanted to light a candle for you. If I can’t light a candle in person, I’ll at least light it for you in my heart.”
As the prayer went on, from the aisle, a woman tapped my shoulder.
“Excuse me,” she said apologetically. “Can you light a candle for me?”
I looked at her, stunned. Without wasting a moment, she proceeded to hand me 2 euros.
“What are your intentions?” I managed to blurt.
“Oh,” she said as if she hadn’t thought about it, “Just say, for Michelle’s intentions.”
With a smile, she turned and walked back down past the numerous pews and left.
And there I was, still kneeling as when I had first started, though now with 2 euros in my palm — exactly what was needed for a candle!
This experience impacts me quite a bit and makes me think, if God can hear a little prayer about a candle, what else can He hear?!

Marie Anne Torres is an Associate Producer for Salt + Light Media.

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