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The Fourth Wedding at Cana - #SLPilgrimage

Carlos Ferreira

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Coming on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land was already an experience to remember, but to be able to do it with my wife was truly a life changing experience.
In this land, I felt I could touch the bible every step of the way. But maybe the moment that made everything more clear was the fact that my wife and I were able to renew our vows, in the very place where Jesus' first miracle happened. Jesus chose a wedding feast as the setting for his first miracle and renewing my vows at that same, the very place where that happened made me feel like we were part of that miracle.
At Cana, Alicia and I were not the only couple to renew our vows. All the couples that were making this pilgrimage with us renewed their vows. This highlighted for me that in fact we WERE part of Jesus' first miracle because this is where he started his ministry. Since then, many couples have committed their love to him, which is a double miracle in some ways. The first miracle being that they have the courage to commit to each other in a sacramental marriage. Christ is and needs to be the centre of any Catholic marriage. That becomes even more important when we think of marriage as the cornerstone of every family. This shows us that, in fact, every married couple is indeed a part of that first miracle of Jesus in Cana.
From this pilgrimage, I have already taken many memories and many things to remember but, above all, the ability to understand that my vocation is in some way connected to Jesus' ministry is the cherry on top of the cake.
Note: Since the marriage of Carlos and Alicia (both employees of Salt + Light) in September 2014, they've renewed their vows three times - in Portugal, Toronto, the original one in Vancouver and most recently in Cana, hence the 'Fourth Wedding' at Cana.

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