SLHour: September 22, 2012

Salt + Light Media

Saturday, September 22, 2012

When Hitler Took Austria is the title of a fascinating book that looks at Nazi Germany and World War II through the eyes of the son of the Austrian Chancellor, who was a young boy at the time. Today, that young boy, Kurt von Schuschnigg and his wife Janet join us to tell us about his story of faith and perseverance. Sr. Marie-Paul Curley returns to comment on the films For Greater Glory and October Baby and we meet singer/songwriter and deacon, Chuck Stevens.
This week on Salt + Light Radio, Kris Dmytrenko speaks about his recent trip to West Africa. Watch this short video that explains the ongoing food crisis and the inspiring ways that the Catholic Church is helping those in need. To learn more, visit Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace.

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