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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Image courtesy of E.P.I.C. Photo by Oscar Velazquez.
Ever heard of Patrick’s Corner? This week we speak to beloved author Sean Patrick about growing up Catholic in America. Emilie brings us the news, Billy has a question about holy water in Church for Dummies, and we meet Epic, the Band.
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Full program:
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More Information:
From Emilie:
Listen to the first Latin Broadcast on Vatican Radio.
Read Male and Female He Created Them.
From Billy:
To learn more about exorcisms, listen to Deacon Pedro's interview with Matt Baglio of The Rite from the October 18, 2014 edition of the SLHour (at 27:00).
You can also read about exorcisms and watch an interview that Kris Dmytrenko did with Matt Baglio.
And for more about exorcisms, read Deacon Pedro's post:
Deacon-structing the Devil Part 3: Exorcisms

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