Premiere date set for new S+L documentary The Francis Impact

Salt + Light Media

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Salt + Light TV is pleased to announce the premiere of our highly anticipated documentary The Francis Impact !

“This is not a film about Francis changing the Church.
It is a film about the Church changing the world.

- Sebastian Gomes, Director

When Francis was elected pope in 2013, the Church unexpectedly found itself in a remarkable moment. Francis came seemingly out-of-the-blue, trailblazing and challenging all of us to keep pace as he recalibrated the Church’s mission, calling us to be more proactive and less reactive, outward-looking rather than inward-focused, bold and prone to mistakes rather than isolated and safe.
In 2014, Salt + Light Catholic Media Foundation released The Francis Effect – a documentary that shed light on the first year of Francis’ pontificate.
Now, five years later, The Francis Impact, releasing on May 5, will take a different focus on the same man.
“The Francis Impact features a variety of remarkable stories, including ordinary people working on the margins, bishops, and those outside the Church who see Francis as a partner in dialogue, a unique moral voice, and a beacon of hope for all of humanity,” said Sebastian Gomes, Director, The Francis Effect and The Francis Impact. “This is not a film about Francis changing the Church. It is a film about the Church changing the world.”

The Francis Impact

premieres on
Salt + Light TV on

Sunday, May 5 at 8pm and midnight EST.


How to watch:

  • Salt + Light TV is available through most major cable providers in Canada and will be on Free Preview from April 14 to May 12. (Check with your local TV provider for details.)
    Click here to find out what TV providers carry us and how to subscribe.
  • If you are outside Canada, you can watch online via our live stream or by using our Roku application.

For more on The Francis Impact, including a full-length trailer, behind-the-scenes photos, and our special #TFIMOMENTS, visit the official webpage.


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