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I am a daughter of God

Louisa Florentin

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

I sat down on an empty pew on New Year’s Eve, stared at Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and scribbled down a simple prayer: Lord, show me what it’s like to be Your daughter.


My word for the year

I’m fairly new to the practice of choosing a word to focus on for the upcoming year. Back in 2018, when it felt like everyone in my life was announcing their word for 2019, I found it incredibly difficult to settle on just one word, so I chose three: Move. Heal. Discern. Looking back, I can say with certainty that in many ways I was able to move, heal, and discern last year. 
In anticipation for 2020, I settled on my word on December 31st, 2019 (a few hours before the ball dropped to ring in the new year). I actually knew about it even before that night: I was listening to this podcast by Abiding Together, and their guest for the episode, Beth Davis, shared that her word last year was “Daughter”. As soon as I heard her say that I knew that this was going to be my word for 2020. So, I sat down on an empty pew on New Year’s Eve (a tradition I’ve had for the past 3 years), stared at Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and scribbled down a simple prayer: “Lord, show me what it’s like to be Your daughter.”

Being His daughter

Now that we’re a month and a bit into 2020, I try to live that word intentionally every single day. 
For me, being a daughter of God is. . .
  1. Making myself small so that He can have a bigger place in my heart.
  2. Being disciplined in my prayers, even if it’s a simple Our Father or St. Michael prayer.
  3. Humbly admitting fault when I’ve fallen short and seeking refuge in His Mercy in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  4. Seeking ways to create with Him through the talents that He has given me.
  5. Sharing my hopes, dreams, and yearnings with Him — and trusting that He will keep them safe and let them unfold according to His Will.
I pray that throughout the year as I live out my daughtership to God, I not only learn more about what it’s like to be His daughter but also about what it’s like to have Him as my Father in Heaven. 
In Genesis 1, God reveals to us that He is the Creator of everything, and He created us in His image and likeness.  I take comfort in this Truth, and celebrate my connection with the Father every time I am creative. That being said, I know that His love runs deeper than this, and I am excited to see it blossom throughout the year.

“I am a daughter of God.” 

What a beautiful statement to make. It’s true, as a matter of fact. Not just for me, but for you too. You are His son. You are His daughter. We are His children. 
One time in prayer, I just whispered softly, “Hey Dad…” and I could feel this lump in my throat as my eyes were swimming in tears. It’s so much easier to picture God as Creator than it is to picture Him as God our Father (at least for me). Yet, praying to him as my capital-D Dad brought Him instantly closer to me. That grace-filled moment gently affirmed to me that God desires to be close to me as much as (and even more than) I desire to be close to Him.
We can be reverent to God even while we let Him be our Father. He can be our Creator, and He can also be our Dad. It sounds so unusual to say that aloud, but it’s true. He desires to be close to you and me. He wants us to approach Him eagerly just as a child runs into his/her parent’s arms because - news flash - He is our Father.
Brothers and Sisters, have you ever prayed to the Father in this way? Have you asked Him to love you as His son/daughter? Have you sat down and told Him about that problem, that fear, that wish, or that dream? Have you opened your palms wide and let His Mercy and Love pour into your deepest wounds? 
For you formed my inward parts,
You knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise You, for I am wondrously made.
Wonderful are Your works!
Psalm 139: 13-14

Let Him be your Father

If you ever need inspiration to jumpstart this relationship, or if you’re ever at a loss of words for what to pray to our Father, try seeking His love in art and creation. I feel so close to Him whenever I create beautiful things, whether it be through crocheting a scarf, editing a video, writing a poem, painting, or simply just doing my very best at this new job He has given me. In any of these moments, I find such joy when I create with the Creator. 
I’ve also suggested some songs for you (see below), which I think speak so eloquently about the Father’s love for us (if not always on a theological or Biblical level, certainly in a visceral way). Most of these aren’t exclusively Catholic/Christian songs, but I think that challenges us to seek God out everywhere (including *some* secular love songs).
  1. Let It Be Me - Ray LaMontagne
  2. I Will Be There - Odessa 
  3. Bring Your Love to Me - The Avett Brothers
  4. May I Have This Dance - Meadowlark
  5. You’re the Best Song - Bethany Dillon (feat. Shane Barnard)
  6. Make You Feel My Love - Sleeping At Last (cover)
  7. Daughter - Sleeping At Last

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