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How my smartphone taught me a lesson about God

Marie Anne Torres

Thursday, August 20, 2020

The other day, my phone informed me that it was running low on memory.
I’ve had the same phone for four years, which means that it’s been loaded with apps, pictures, videos, files, and everything in between for a long time. When I got the notification, I wasn’t too worried. In fact, I tried to dismiss it as another silly notification — only to learn I wouldn’t be able to take any more pictures or videos.
Fine, phone. You won.
As a result, I found myself scrolling through the pictures app on my phone and looking for large video files to delete.
As I scrolled and scrolled, I was going further back in time over these last four years. Very often a photo stood out or made me smile, and I began reminiscing about the moment I had lived. One picture led to another, and another. At a certain point I stopped scrolling entirely. Going through the photo app, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful moments (big and small) over the years that had made up my life.
I saw images of wonderful friends, heartwarming gatherings, travels around the world, funny family antics, youth group adventures, refreshing walks with my dog, my university days abroad, and even tiny things like flowers and a baby bunny hopping around in my backyard.
Seeing these pictures, there were two big thoughts that went through my mind. The first is that I couldn’t help but completely praise God. All these years, He had consistently filled my life with an unfathomable amount of blessings, in almost Ferris wheel-like fashion. How God blesses, provides, and takes care of us! The second thought was immediate disappointment. Throughout His undeserved generosity, had I even stopped to look at the big picture? To take it all in, to truly thank Him? In fact, in the rush of life, or simply out of next-best-thing-ungratefulness, I hadn’t. As soon as the moment/opportunity was over, I frequently moved on to what was to come, forgetting all the things He had accomplished and provided. So often, it was about the next job, the next trip, the next anything — to the point that I had forgotten so many of these moments.
This photo album experience deepened my love and gratefulness towards God, but it also opened my eyes. From this I’ve learned to bow down in deep thankfulness, not years later, when your phone tells you you’re low on device memory, but every day, and as every blessing occurs. I hope this reflection inspires you, too, to look around (or on your phone), to see all the wonders you have lived and are living through right now.
Maybe my phone was right — maybe I was low on memory!

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