Edmonton's Archbishop offers new blog: The Reason for Our Hope

Matthew Harrison

Thursday, May 27, 2010

As the Archdiocese of Edmonton gears up for the final encounter of the second year of Nothing More Beautiful this evening, to be broadcast in early June on Salt + Light, we wanted to bring to the attention of our readers the latest Canadian Bishop to join the blogosphere: Archbishop Richard Smith.
ABSmith2web1The Archbishop of Edmonton launched The Reason for Our Hope earlier this month.  The blog offers weekly reflections on Sunday Mass readings (posted every Monday) and comments on public issues.
Archbishop Smith explains the choice of title:
Regardless of circumstances, the Christian is a person of real and abiding hope. The reason is Jesus Christ.  Risen from the dead, he remains always present with his people, just as he promised. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, he dwells within us in a communion of love. He who abides in us invites us to abide in him, and to find in this communion a peace the world cannot give, a peace that gives rise to hope.
You can follow Archbishop Smith HERE.

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