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Coast to Coast: January 24 to January 30

Alicia Ambrosio

Saturday, January 30, 2016

In the brief hush of ordinary time between the end of the Christmas season and the beginning of Lent, parishes and diocese focus their attention on the day to day and week to week aspects of faith life. Even in that, there are a few things for us to share this week as a sample of what’s been happening across the country:
La Loche, Saskatchewan became a household name this week for all the wrong reasons. Still, the tragedy also served as a window into how our aboriginal communities live faith in good times and bad. The Catholic Register spoke to Archbishop Murray Chatlain of Keewatin La Pas. He has a special connection to La Loche and didn’t think twice about driving 800 kilometers to serve the community in their time of need.
Interviews with Archbishop Chatlain are also featured on the Salt + Light Radio Hour and Perspectives Daily on Salt + Light.
In Alberta, Catholic schools are dealing with the issue of transgender students: What do the schools do to ensure a transgender student is safe and at home in the school while staying true to Church teachings? The issue has sparked public debate. Archbishop Richard Smith of Edmonton issued his own statement on the matter.
In British Columbia, on the banks of the Nicomekl River, a retreat house that has been serving the diocese for 54 years has had to close its doors. Here’s a look at the impact the centre has had on the lives of the very people who were entrusted with welcoming retreatants.

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