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A new prayer for putting on your shoes

Marie Anne Torres

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Everyone has their own prayers and prayer ritual in the morning, but I thought I would share with you a prayer I’ve discovered and have started reciting before the day begins.
Interestingly enough, this prayer has to do with putting on your shoes!
The prayer comes from the Missionaries of Charity, the order that Saint Mother Teresa founded. The sisters recite specific prayers as they dress themselves with each major article of clothing (according to Mother Teresa - An Authorized Biography). This particular shoe prayer anchors me, pushes me forward — and is delightfully hard to forget as it’s associated with your shoes.
The book explains, “As they put on their sandals they committed themselves to following Jesus [by saying], ‘wherever you shall go in search of souls, at any cost to myself and out of pure love for you.’
There are many parts of this prayer that really resonate with me.
To begin with, this short prayer is a form of surrender, of mission, and a declaration of love, all in one — all while putting on your shoes.
This prayer is also a verbal and physical reminder to be a witness of the Gospel, an instrument of evangelization everywhere you go; wherever you may journey with your shoes on.
What's more, this prayer invites the wearer of the shoes to be guided wholly and fully by God in their everyday activities. It’s an emptying of your own will, to make room totally for the will of God during your day. It places God at the centre, as the mover and director of your life in all that you do.
Finally, at any cost to myself...these particular words strike me every time. They remind me to bear witness to the faith, even when I’m exhausted, out of “spiritual air”, or facing my own trials. To be ready to lose, change plans, or “die for the needs of others” — whenever God asks. In the middle of difficult or unexpected moments, this line often resurfaces in my mind.

“Wherever you shall go in search of souls, at any cost to myself
and out of pure love for you.”

What a prayer! So simple and so powerful!

As mentioned above, there are additional prayers associated with the other items of clothing worn by the Missionaries of Charity.
There’s a specific prayer for when they put on their habit, girdle, and sari.
So if you would also like to discover the rest of their beautiful “getting ready in the morning” prayers, here they are!


A reminder of separation from the world
“Let the world be nothing to me and I nothing to the world.”


A reminder of the angelic purity of Mary
“Surrounded and protected by that absolute poverty which crowned all you did for Jesus.”


A reminder to imitate Mary’s modesty
“Oh Most Blessed Virgin Mary, cover me with the mantle of your modesty and let this sari make me more and more like you.”
I think these are fantastic prayers no matter your station in life (or what your everyday outfits look like). Even if you don’t wear a habit, or a sari (veil), a line or two of these morning prayers can really be an anchoring means to start your day! What a lovely way to incorporate spirituality into your morning routine!
Happy praying!

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