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"Your children are dropping like flies!" | Everyday Miracles

Fr. Christopher M. Pietraszko

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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In the first parish I was assigned to I was asked to lead confirmation students in a Holy Hour while the pastor oversaw the catechesis for parents in the hall. I remember praying with every bone in my body that these youth would experience the Lord. There was a real sense of spiritual poverty in my prayer, like I was a beggar on behalf of these students before the King who could do anything. And my prayer was entirely united to the Holy Spirit, as though the Spirit Himself was the one praying in me. Then the words came, “Lord, in the Eucharist I know your death 2000 years ago is truly present to us. Breathe your last breath into these students. Give them your life.” 
At the exact moment this prayer ended (which was said silently, internally), 3 students fell to the ground in their pews. I heard thuds. Thankfully, I had volunteers who were keen and able to discern whether there was some medical coincidence taking place or if they were resting in the Spirit.  
The humorous part of this story is what took place next. One of our volunteers who was unfamiliar with this type of event in worship ran into the parent room and pronounced loudly, “Your children are dropping like flies!”  – to the distress of their parents who had no context. They quickly exited their rooms to see if their children were okay.
By this time the Sacrament had been reposed, and the parents of the three children took them home. One of them declared: “What is in the Kool-Aid, Father?”
It’s important to note that none of this was foreseen nor planned. But the most brilliant thing occurred: These three children spoke to their parents about their experience as they were taken home, insisting that they be returned. One of them spoke to our whole group when he returned saying, “I’ve never experienced so much peace in my life.”
My experience with our Lord in the Eucharist helped me internalize the love that Christ has for me. But more importantly, it has taught me how much Christ loves each person I am called to serve. Without knowing the intensity of His love, I do not believe I could ever come to fathom how much He loves all of us. This love pierces my own heart and helps me to serve others with a heart that they too might experience such kindness and love from God.

Fr. Christopher M. Pietraszko is a priest of the diocese of London, Ontario. He is also a regular contributor to Missio Dei, an online publication giving voice for inspiring Catholic writers to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. Fr. Christopher also has a special devotion to the work of St. Thomas Aquinas.

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