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Alessia Domanico

Thursday, April 8, 2010

There are moments when individuals feel great faith, an unwavering and undeniable conviction that there is a power greater than us that governs this world and the next. For those fortunate enough, they find the presence of this faith within them on a constant basis. But for others who lack the discipline and find themselves getting caught up in materialism and the issues presented by the secular media, I think it’s all the more important that we remind ourselves in hard times of the moments when we have felt great faith.
RetreatAmidst reading all about the scandal and breaking stories surrounding the Church on a daily basis, I am constantly reminding myself to recall my faith, not just in God, but in society. The crimes of sexual abuse are hardly exclusive to the Catholic Church, they are present in all societies throughout the world. I think it is most certainly necessary for the media to responsibly report and broadcast the instances that occur in every institution, because it makes us aware and attentive to their severity. The attention and response to these issues is of extreme importance, especially to young professionals in that 18-35 demographic that reference these news and media channels on a constant basis. We are the future and it is what we learn from mistakes in the past that will govern the way our future societies prevent these wrongdoings from taking place.
Just as the sad and disturbing news broke in late March from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, several of us at Salt + Light went on a weekend retreat to Stamford Connecticut. We stayed at the Maria Guadalupe retreat house of the Sisters of Life, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.  It was during this weekend that I felt my faith stronger than I had in years. There were over 70 young people taking part in the retreat and what I saw amongst all of us was a sincere desire to stay true to our faith. Father Thomas Rosica led several incredibly moving and inspiring talks about World Youth Day and the young Catholics that belong to the generations of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. I met so many intelligent, kind and charismatic people, the type of people that inspire me to achieve excellence at what myself and my colleagues do at Salt  + Light. Spending time with all of these positive and remarkable individuals and partaking in the weekend’s events helped me to find a new and better perspective to bring back to work with me. I’m sure my colleagues that were also present share in my sentiments; it was a great chance for us all to get closer to our faith and unite us in our common goal to make Salt + Light the best it can be.
And the Sisters of Life! I cannot say enough good things about them and their graciousness. They were funny, sweet and exemplary models of the human spirit. It is my time at the Retreat house that I now call upon when I find myself getting caught up in the present issues and debates. I call upon the faith that I discovered there in all of us young people. It was a profound indication of our power and ability to do good so that it will one day soon drastically outweigh the bad.

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