Urgent Request of our Viewers and Donors

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Urgent Request of our Viewers and Donors
Loss of Funding - Canada Summer Jobs Program
Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation employs many students and young people to help us in the mission of Education in the Church's mission of Evangelization. Over our 15-year history, Salt and Light Media has taken great pride in hiring, promoting, and training young adults engaged in their faith to learn valuable media skills and help form the next generation of faith-filled Canadian Catholics.
By now you are undoubtedly aware of the recent actions of the Canadian Government regarding the Canada Summer Jobs Program. These actions involve all applicants to confirm certain ideological requirements that are inconsistent with or infringe on our Catholic values and beliefs. We have taken a firm stand against the position of the Government of Canada along with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, our Dioceses and Leaders from many faith communities that are equally impacted by this change in policy. As Catholics, our position is that no one should be forced to make application for a government grant that requires support of abortion or other issues that are clearly against the teaching and tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.
Due to this regrettable action on the part of the Government of Canada, Salt and Light cannot in good conscience apply for these grants. As a media foundation, Salt and Light is funded primarily by donations and the support of our benefactors. These Government grants, made available to employ and train our Canadian youth, supplement our summer internship funding and other on the job training programs at our Toronto and Montreal offices and studios. This has troubled me greatly as I know of the benefit these young people have had on our Mission.
I turn to you, our viewers, supporters and benefactors. Please help us with your donations to make up this shortfall. This urgent call for donation support will be used to employ students and young adults for Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation summer jobs and internship programs.
As we celebrate our 15th Anniversary, we must find $100,000 that will allow us to continue our tradition of employing young Canadians who help us in our mission of education in the Church's mission of Evangelization through the Salt and Light Television Network.
Rev. Thomas Rosica, CSB
Chief Executive Officer
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