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Tonight on Perspectives: Should being pro-life make us feel uncomfortable?

Jenna Murphy

Friday, November 12, 2010

Should being “pro-life” make us feel uncomfortable?
This is the question we asked you, our viewers last week.
Suzanne Baird writes via Facebook:
There is being comfortable with people, and then there is comfortable with conscience. Christians should try to be comfortable with their conscience, although we will fail because we are human. But, with Christ, we can find comfort in doing the right thing and standing in faith for the right issues. Try, and try again (and take often advantage of the grace given in the sacrament of reconciliation).
As a society, many of us avoid being uncomfortable at any cost. The recent attacks of our brothers and sisters in Baghdad have caused many of us to reflect upon the liberties we have here in North America, especially when it comes to religious freedom. The danger however, is that we may find ourselves getting too comfortable in times of security.
40 Days for Life founder and national director David Bereit has become accustomed to being uncomfortable.
40 Days for Life is a peaceful prayer campaign involving 40 days of prayer, fasting and community outreach for an end to abortion. To learn more about the campaign, visit their website here .
Join host Pedro Guevara Mann and David Bereit as they discuss how to find balance and maintain one’s peace in the trials that doing pro-life work affords.
That’s tonight on Perspectives at 7pm ET, 8pm PT.

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