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Tonight on Perspectives: Like a horse and carriage?

Jenna Murphy

Friday, June 18, 2010

Love, marriage and children. The three are so intertwined that after a while they become interchangeable.father and son
But should they?
This week we asked you " If you could give one piece of parenting advice what would it be?"
The answers ranged from "unconditional love" to "read with and to your child".
Gabrielle Suthers writes via Facebook: "Keep God in your life, rely on God, and don't let anything get you down. Use your friends to look after baby for an hour or so, and go out on a date every week. Leave the housework - you'll get your house back to normal when the child is 16 years old or so. Don't forget to thank God every day for the gift of your child. Treasure nothing more than your family. Love your child, tell him or her how precious he/she is over and over and over. Keep your voice down. Encourage a peaceful, quiet environment. Acknowledge every new thing your child does..."
Tonight, just in time for Father's Day, be sure to join host Pedro Guevara Mann as he speaks with parents Lisa Canning (a mother of two) and Patrick Douglas (a father of six) about what it means to be an effective parent in today's world.
When asked which relationship should be the focus, the spousal bond or the mother-child relationship, there was a little hesitation on set. Patrick says that your love for your children will naturally flow from your love for your wife. The intensity may be similar, but the nature is different. "The order [of relationships] is fundamental," he says.
This week on Perspectives, we feature For Your Marriage: a relationship-strengthening, life-affirming initiative of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The campaign website serves young dating couples, married couples and parents alike. To view their TV spot campaign, visit their website here.
Tonight's discussion serves to "consummate" two earlier Perspectives weekly episodes -- one of which dealt with true femininity (March 19th, 2010 with guests Sharon van der Sloot and Lisa Canning) and the other, you guessed it, dealt with God's vision for masculinity (April 9th, 2010 with guests Jason Gennaro, Fr. Chris Valka and Jason Wall). Visit the S+L Perspectives video archive to revisit these episodes here.
Be sure to tune in tonight at 7 and 11pm Eastern Time, 8pm Pacific.

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