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The main guest is already in Rio!

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Corcovado cropped
As a Technical Producer for Salt and Light in his second WYD, my experience of Rio started months ago with the search for solutions to all the details of a live broadcast.
Since our arrival my mind has been busy with possible outcomes to our work, it has been easy to fill my senses with colourful images of a vibrant and scenic and noisy city; Rio in front of the Atlantic is part of a rock foundation, many roads connect the city true tunnels, rich and poor houses are constructed and attached to the rock mountains creating a magnificent view of the city.
It was at night when I was admiring the sky line of the city that I realize how magnificent is the image of Christ illuminating the city from the Corcovado mountain, and how the halo of the lights through the clouds give the sculpture of Jesus a magnificent experience for the viewer. Yes, Christ the main guest of WYD has been here from the beginning, not waiting for the millions to arrive but for each of us, youth and the older youth as me, to receive and feel his eternal love for us with his open arms extended, from anywhere in the world.
As a team member of Salt and Light, I invite you to follow on TV the coverage of  WYD and Pope Francis visit to Brazil and receive always at home, our main guest, Jesus Christ.
Javier Capella is Technical Operations Manager of Salt and Light Catholic Television. He writes us from Rio.

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