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St. Charbel: miraculous healer!

Mireille Haj-Chahine

Sunday, January 21, 2024

A portrait of St. Charbel Makhlouf at the Maronite Cathedral in Tyre, Lebanon. Wikimedia Commons.
A mosaic depicting the image of St. Charbel Makhlouf was placed in St. Peter's Basilica on January 19, 2024. On this solemn occasion, all the Churches in Lebanon, and in particular that of Bekaa kafra in St. Charbel's native village, rang their bells at the same time. Christians throughout the country celebrated this happy event, made possible by the will and initiative of Pope Francis. The mosaic was made by the Fabric of St. Peter, the workshop responsible for producing mosaics for the Vatican palaces in general, and St. Peter's Basilica in particular, since 1578.
Here, as planned, is the sequel to my blog on St. Charbel from last December 22, entitled: “St. Charbel, the heavenly doctor who never stops working!” 
St. Charbel is a Lebanese Maronite saint, known for his miracles and his rigorous, even ascetic life. I invite you to pay close attention to the 22nd day of each month. Why should you do so? Because "22" is the day that commemorates the sign given by St. Charbel to a miraculous woman, and has been for 31 years! 
We're talking about the 22nd day of every month, and commemorating January 22”, specifically. This is the date of one of St. Charbel's most extraordinary miracles, reported in 1993, and recorded in the Register of Miracles at the Annaya hermitage in Lebanon. This incredible sign of a miraculous woman by St. Charbel surpasses all scientific knowledge. Its impact continues to this day!

So what happened on the night of January 21, 1993? 

Let's recall the facts: after a stroke followed by a double blockage of her carotid artery, Mrs. Nohad Al-Chami, a 55-year-old mother of a large family, was half-paralyzed. Her children began applying a mixture of earth and oil from St. Charbel's tomb to her neck. In a dream, Nohad saw two monks dressed in black with white beards: St. Maron (the founder of the Maronite Church) and St. Charbel.
St. Charbel said to her, “I'm here to operate on you,” at which point she felt a sharp pain in her throat. When she awoke, Nohad noticed two large scars on both sides of her neck, with  surgical threads visible. After several days, St. Charbel returned to her in a dream and asked her to go to the Annaya convent in Lebanon on the 22nd of every month on thanksgiving, to attend Mass. 
St. Charbel explained that these scars were God's will, as a sign for unbelievers. An ultrasound scan later showed that she had undergone genuine bilateral carotid artery surgery. As for the scars, they would bleed around the 22nd of each month and close a few days later. It's incredible, but true!
Here's what St. Charbel said to Mrs. Al-Chami:
You are a sign on earth, don't leave people behind, keep your faith. I have wounded you with the strength of God so that they may see you, for some have drifted away from prayer, the Church and respect for the saints... Whoever wants something from me, I am Fr. Charbel who is always at his hermitage, and I ask you to visit the hermitage every 22nd day of the month, and to participate in Holy Mass for the rest of your life.

Why Nohad Al-Chami? What's so special about her that a miracle happens through her?

Nohad, now 75, is the mother of a large family from a modest background. Her rosary is always in her hand, and her faith is unshakeable. At a young age, she had a dream in which the Virgin Mary stroked her hair. Unsure of the meaning of this gesture, she ran to her own mother for an explanation: “My daughter, the Virgin Mary is going to reserve many blessings for you, when you grow up.” Later, she developed a lifelong and exceptional devotion to Mary.
Since 1993, and right up to the present day, a tide of people have climbed up to the Annaya hermitage, walking in procession and praying that St. Charbel might intercede for the faithful who attend. They want to take blessings and souvenirs. They know in advance that Fr. Charbel is there, waiting for them! The same phenomenon is taking place, it could be said, across the globe. Many are seeking the intercession of this very special saint: one who is present, accompanies the faithful in prayer, invites them to meet Christ at Mass. This brings them closer to God.
If you believe you’ve experienced or witnessed a miraculous healing by St. Charbel, you can report it, with medical evidence, to the Annaya’s Convent &  Hermitage, Lebanon.
May St. Charbel protect us all and intercede for us before the Lord!

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