S+L AT THE PAPAL VISIT: On the horizon…

Kris Dmytrenko

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

While I’m here sipping coffee in the media centre—now humbly surrounded by some of America’s most celebrated religion journalists—my colleague David Naglieri has just arrived at Andrews Air Force Base. Though his hour long delay to board the media bus was long, this is nothing compared to the two and a half hour wait for the Pope’s arrival.
Kept company by cameraman Wally Tello, our reporter is confined to his seat on an airfield bleacher. Interviews with other attendees are not possible due to the restrictions on movement, though David could easily pigeon-hole those seated next to him, with or against their will. Food and washroom availability are question marks.
Still, the mood at Andrews is one of relief for the journalists, who are happy just to have arrived, given all the uncertainties surrounding a papal visit. You can imagine the elation when the Alitalia plane finally appears over the horizon.
Of course, you can share in the moment on S+L at 4 PM (EST), both on our TV network and on our new online web-stream. David Naglieri will be providing audio commentary from the airfield.

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