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Sharing the Good Life

Matthew Harrison

Monday, May 7, 2007

Wally, Matthew, and Pedro
This past Friday, myself and a few Salt + Light'ers headed over to St. Alphosus Ligouri Parish in Peterborough, Ontario, to film a concert put on by Spirit and Song recording artist Steve Angrisano.
It was an enjoyable evening featuring some catchy contemporary Catholic music. Steve was very engaging, and is a very talented musician -- I couldn't help but humming several of his songs on the ride home! He offered plenty of hope in his music and in his stories too, and reminded us that the greatness of our God can be expressed through all sorts of means -- be it through paintings, traditional Church hymns, or even contemporary music!
The concert was filmed as part of the Salt + Light series, Openings. You can catch it on our station in the coming weeks.
... And I suppose I should take a moment to explain the above photo: that's, left to right, cameraman Wally, myself, and producer Pedro, three of the five production crew members, after a hard day of work.
One of the highlights of filming on 'location' is the comraderie between members of the producton crew. You travel together, you eat together, you share conversations, thoughts, frustrations, and laughter. These experiences remind you of the importance of friendship, and with guys like Wally, Pedro, or Javier and George, 12 hour days become much more bearable!
I couldn't help but thinking of Aristotle's discussion on friendship in his Nicomachean Ethics; it's fairly involved and indepth, but it's a very interesting and engaging discussion. One thing he believed was that friendship was a necessary thing in life, and he believed that no one would choose to live without friends even if he had everything! The Philosopher would say that even if you have everything, you still have a desire to share it with others! I suppose you could say we want to share the good life with others!
So let's take a moment to 'share the good life' with others; to enjoy the company of a friend, to celebrate together, and to thank God for the good people who make a difference in our lives: our friends, colleagues, loved ones, the person who holds the elevator for you! All the people who bring a smile to our faces and make our days a little easier!

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