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Pro-lifers launch their own protest in 'Occupied' Toronto

Andrew Santos

Saturday, October 29, 2011

As anti-capitalism protests continue in Toronto's St. James Park, a different kind of protest occupied the front lawn of the provincial legislature one week ago.
Nearly 2,000 demonstrators gathered at Queen's Park for the first ever Defund Abortion Rally. The event called on the province of Ontario to end the practice of subsidizing elective abortions. Participants who attended the event held signs saying, “Not from my wallet” and “Kill babies with tax dollars?”
Citing the POWER study on women's health, event organizers say that the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) subsidizes upwards of 51,000 abortions each year, costing the province roughly $1,000 for each abortion performed.
“Did you know," asked one of the speakers, "that 30-50 million dollars per year would allow our health care system to hire an additional 200 doctors, or 400 nurses, or purchase 20 MRI machines, or provide urgent therapy to an additional 500 autistic children each year?”
Dr. Sze Wan Sit, a family physician at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, added that if abortions are performed electively, then the patient should have to pay for it, since there are many medically necessary procedures that are not funded by OHIP.
At the rally, a province-wide petition to end taxpayer funding of abortion was brought forward. The petition will be presented to members of the Provincial Parliament in November.

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