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Perspectives Daily - History of What The Pope and Trump Have Said About Each Other

Noel Ocol

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

As we reported yesterday, the Pope made it very clear, on the flight back from Portugal on Saturday, that his agenda for his upcoming meeting with US President Trump will be Peace. To find an open door between the two, he said, and enter through it and talk about common things then go on. Now, with this much anticipated meeting between two of the world's most polarizing world figures happening next week, our friends at America Magazine put together this interesting video of the history of what they had to say about other, in social media and other interviews.
Of course, we'll bring you details of what transpired from that meeting when they become available.
“We are worried and pained by the deaths, the violence, the lack of the most basic goods, the divisions, and the violations of human rights".
This statement was made by Bishop Espinoza, the secretary general of the Latin American bishops' council, regarding escalating violence in Venezuela.
Speaking during a recent Latin American Bishop’s assembly in San Salvador, Bishop Espinoza urged the church to respond to the crisis by providing supplies. "We call on the diocesan communities of Latin America and the Caribbean to initiate projects of charity with our Venezuelan brothers and to think about ways to make them effective, despite obstacles that may arise," he said. The South American country of 31 million has been besieged by a deep political crisis since the country’s president moved to expand his power, taking over the functions of the opposition-controlled congress and, more recently, pushing for the constitution to be reformed.
Weeks of large-scale street demonstrations have led to violent clashes with police, leaving nearly 40 people dead and drawing international condemnation. The country has struggled with a deep economic recession and runaway inflation that’s caused shortages of both food and medical supplies. A recent survey by a Venezuelan university found about 75 percent of the population had lost an average of 19 pounds last year because of the lack of food.
Now here’s an interesting headline. According to a recent study by the PEW Research Center, Babies born to Muslims will begin to outnumber Christian births by 2035.
And that's it for Perspectives Daily today. Join us again tomorrow when I bring you more news and stories through the Perspectives of a catholic lens. Thanks for joining us.

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