Perspectives Daily - Catholic Priests in Congo Living in Fear

Noel Ocol

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Yesterday morning, Pope Francis received a delegation of Muslim leaders from Great Britain where he encouraged all religious leaders to listen to one another and teach their followers to do the same.
In his address to the delegates the Pope said
I welcome you with joy. I like to think that the most important task we must do together, in humanity, is the work “of the ear”: listening to each other. Listening to each other, without haste to give an answer. Welcoming the word of our brother, our sister, and then thinking of giving my own. But the capacity to listen, this is very important. It is interesting: when people have this capacity for listening, they speak with a low and calm tone. … Instead, when they do not have this, they speak loudly and even shout. Among brothers, we must all speak, listen to each other and speak slowly, calmly, looking for the way together. And when we listen to each other and speak to each other, we are already on the path.
Thank you for this journey you are taking, and I ask God, almighty and merciful, to bless you. And I ask you to pray for me.
Let the merciful Lord accept the dead in his arms and grant healing to the victims & consolation to the mourners. This is the message from the Archbishop of Moscow as he condemns the curse of terrorism after the St. Petersburg attack on Monday.
Archbishop Paolo Pezzi of Moscow offered his prayers and condolences following the deadly blast that killed at least 11 people in the bomb explosion in the St.Petersburg subway. “Together with all faithful Catholics and believers of other faiths & religions, I turn to God with a burning prayer, for deliverance of Russia & the world from the curse of terrorism,” he said. Archbishop Pezzi called on all the faithful to join him in prayer as the country mourns this tragic event.
To the Congo now where the International Business Times is reporting that Catholic priests are living in-hiding in Democratic Republic of Congo following brutal attacks on priests and Catholic churches in the town of Luebo
Abbot Charles Mukubayi, one of the leaders of the Caritas Diocese has fled the town and denounced the fact that the property of the Catholic Church is the main target of the attackers.
"They attacked, plundered and burned the house of the bishop, the chancery offices, the Catholic schools, the novitiate where nuns are, and even vandalized the cathedral of Saint-Jean. They went to the seminary and ransacked everything." the abbot said to the media.
He explained that priests now live in fear and are in hiding. "I tell you, that the priests are up there in the bush. As soon as they leave the bush, they will be killed.
While celebrating mass in Carpi, the Pope denounced the ongoing violence in that region, and asked that all Christians pray for peace in that area.
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