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My Fond Memories of “Hope”

Mary Rose Bacani Valenti

Monday, November 24, 2008

virtueshope.jpgThis week on The World I Know we look at Hope.
In the first segment of this show, we meet Maverick Guerra, the youngest host of the series as a student in Grade 4. I remember the first time I visited his school because I came back to the office after the shoot at his school with butterflies in my hand, a huge smile on my face and excitement in my eyes as I screamed out loud, “I just covered one of the best stories of my life!” The butterflies in my hand were not real, but my enthusiasm was. John XXIII Catholic School has a beautiful story on Hope that merited a whole Virtues segment. Hear about Maverick’s friend Noah, who has a peace pole in front of the school dedicated to him!
The student of the day is Stephanie Porteous. I was paying closer attention to Stephanie on the day I met with the 10 students I had chosen for the high school segment. And this was because I found out the day before that someone very close to her had died, and that her death really shook Stephanie up. So I naturally thought I would have to find someone else to take Stephanie’s place, but I was told that Stephanie still wanted to do her interview. Her only worry was that she might start breaking down during our interview and let everybody down! Of all things she had to worry about! She ended up pulling herself together and did her best to share with me her struggles with hope when it comes to getting in to university and dealing with the death of loved ones. I’m also pleased to say that Stephanie is now studying at Queen’s University, her first choice. Congratulations to her!
The saint of the day is St. Philip Neri. Saints are usually known for their prayer life and their good works. Well this saint is also known for his quacky sense of humour, for doing such things as shaving off half his beard and leading crazy processions down the street that involve a dog on a pillow. Kim D’Souza, a young seminarian, can’t stop talking about his admiration for St. Philip Neri, who never lost his own unique personality as a priest, and whose humour provided hope during desperate times in Rome.
The “Hope” episode airs Tuesday, November 25th, at 8 pm ET, the sixth episode of Salt + Light’s newest series, The World I Know: Virtues in Action. For more information on this series, check the Virtues webpage on our website by clicking HERE. And remember, if you miss the original broadcast, you can still catch it at midnight, or during your lunch break (12:30 pm ET) the next day via live streaming!

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