More S+L Wedding News

Kris Dmytrenko

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

S+L's Matthew Harrison bowling with gustoYou've now heard that two of our S+L host/producers recently wed. While David and Michele Naglieri enjoy their honeymoon in Costa Rica, another S+L on-air personality is preparing for his trip down the aisle. Matthew Harrison and his beautiful fiancée will be celebrating the Sacrament of Matrimony in early October.
In keeping with tradition, Matthew’s friends organized a surprise bachelor party for him this past weekend. Though it was a temperate affair in keeping with Matthew’s principles, the day was no less joyous. The party began with Mass at Holy Family Church, followed by indoor rock climbing. Joining us for dinner were members of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, a community with which Matthew studied before he began working at Salt + Light.
The night ended at a bowling alley that boasted of old-school decor and musty rental shoes. Despite our traditional religiosity—further highlighted by the clerical dress of the Oratorians—we felt altogether contemporary in the never-renovated Bowlerama. That is, we did, until the alley lights were replaced by vertiginous disco beams and thumping-bass dance music. This may have affected Matthew’s scores, but not the enthusiasm with which he approached every frame.

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