Madrid on the Brain

Alicia Ambrosio

Monday, November 17, 2008

Here at Salt+Light we're all world travelers at heart. Physically we're sitting at our desks in Toronto....but mentally we're all off in different far flung places. We're not the only people like this, apparently. Our friends at H20 News in Rome (where most of us would like to be) have Madrid on the brain. Even though the next World Youth Day is three years away, they've asked Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco how Spain is preparing to be taken over by the youth of the world in 2011.
Cardinal Rouco said Spain, and the Church in Spain is going to "live intensely these three years of preparation"...we wouldn't expect any thing less from Spaniards. To be fair, the Spanish Episcopal Conference, and the people of Spain know better than anyone what they've gotten themselves into. Spain hosted the fourth ever World Youth Day back in 1989 at Santiago de Compostela. With Catholicism and traditional values on the rapid decline in Spain the hope is that "living intensely" the three year run up and the event itself, the hearts of the Spanish people will be touched and converted. Catch the full clip from H20 HERE.
Back at S+L Headquarters producers are dreaming of being asked to cover "Madrid in 2011". We're brushing up on our Spanish, (or learning it in some cases) making contact with people on the Madrid planning team, reading about Spanish history, and collecting airmiles (Yes, S+L producers like to use airmiles). Until we actually set foot on Spanish territory, press badges in hand, we'll content ourselves with that and be thankful that we only have to cover these events, not put them together. This time.

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