Journey of a bishop through the blogopshere

David Naglieri

Monday, August 31, 2009

prendergast-2The rise of the blogosphere has been one of the top trends influencing the spread of information in our digital age. Blogs have many critics who point to their lack of credibility, tendency to sensationalize and to strip journalism of ethics and due diligence. Many of these concerns are valid, which means it is all the more important to be prudent when finding new blogs to check out and dutifully follow.
I have been pleased in recent weeks to learn of an excellent and informative blog by one of our own bishops in Canada. Archbishop Terry Prendergast has launched a frequently updated blog titled Journey of a Bishop. His site is filled with spiritual reflections, updates on his busy schedule, and unique glimpses into the life of the Archbishop of Ottawa.
I encourage you to bookmark and become a frequent visitor. Blogs dwelling on Hollywood gossip and operated by political hacks are a dime a dozen these days, but hopefully Archbishop Terry’s blog will start a new trend of blogs that inform and enlighten rather than momentarily titillate only to be soon forgotten.

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