Introducing Perspectives

Deacon Pedro

Monday, February 1, 2010

Change is coming to S+L!
PerspectivesAs you’ve been hearing from our daily Zoom updates, the final edition of Zoom aired on Friday, but we’re pleased to announce the new platform with which we will bring you our daily updates: Perspectives. Beginning today and continuing Monday through Thursday at 7pm ET, and available on demand at, we’ll bring you highlights of events from the Catholic world in Canada, Rome, and throughout the globe, as well as provide a Catholic perspective and insight into the relevant stories of the day.
Every Friday, also at 7pm ET, I'll be hosting a more in-depth 30 minute look at what has happened in the week and what’s upcoming, so stay tuned!
After you see our new look on tonight, we’ll be eager to hear your comments on Perspectives. Email us at or call 1.888.302.7181.

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