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How to Pray 101

Gillian Kantor

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

motheringfullofgracetitle.jpgThere are no textbooks or direct answers. There is no formula. Mathematicians and statisticians can put away their calculators. Because when it comes to prayer, there is no one way to teach someone what comes after the sign of the cross.
I think the only person I’ve taught to pray is… myself. And obviously I didn’t do it on my own… I needed the guidance of the Church, teachers, and my parents. But, ultimately, that’s all they could give me. Guidance. The act of praying is a constant learning experience, an ongoing conversation with God, and a very personal aspect of the faith.
mo-rebellos1.jpgSo how can this be taught? More specifically, how can a mom teach her children to pray and to experience the most personal relationship with God? Well, on today’s episode of Mothering, Full of Grace, our moms admit that how their children pray is a result of how they themselves pray. Meet Liz and Steve Rebello, who are teaching their eight children the benefits of prayer through example. And hear from Cary and Sandy Molyneux about the prayers they say for their own children.
So please join us for Mothering, Full of Grace, at 8pm or midnight ET on Wednesday April 9th or Sunday April 13th. If afternoons suit you better, you can catch it at 1:30pm ET on Thursday, April 10th, .
Take note that there will be no Mothering, Full of Grace for the week of April 14th as Salt + Light will have on-going coverage of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to the United States.

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