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Carlos Ferreira

Thursday, May 17, 2012

All parents want the best for their children.  When it comes time to start thinking about their education you always look for the best choice for their future. Should homeschooling be one of those options?
There are people who say kids need to socialize, thus home schooling is not the best choice for introducing them to the world. But there are homeschooling programs where your kids can be in contact with other homeschooled kids. Networks like Regina Coeli Academy are an example of that.
One potential problem could be that your kids cannot go to college if they are homeschooled. However the reality is that the majority of the universities have special exams for kids who are home schooled and want to go to college.
The government of Ontario recognizes the right of parents to educate their kids at home but do not certify the degree obtained by home schooled kids. For more information about what the law says about homeschooling, check your provincial education ministry of education website.
Some people consider parents who educate their kids at home to be protective. Others see it as ensuring what your kids learn and being part of their academic growth, as a sign of real love.
Would you consider the possibility of homeschooling your children? To find out more about homeschooling and to help those who are considering this option, Pedro invited Mary and Louis Richard and their daughter Nicole to this episode of Perspectives Weekly. They will share some stories about a day in the life of a family that educates their kids at home.
Join us for this discussion, Friday on Perspectives Weekly at 7 and 11pm ET / 8pm PT. In the meantime, take part in the discussion on Facebook.
Credit: CNS photo/Mic Smith

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