Holy Land: This is for you, Ana

Matthew Harrison

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

flags.jpgIf you’ve ever called Salt + Light, chances are you’ve spoken to our receptionist Ana. If you've ever talked to Ana for a bit, in matters not directly related to S+L, you'll probably find out about her Chilean background.
I couldn’t help thinking of her on our boat ride around the Sea of Galilee, where we were joined by pilgrims from Chile. The folks who operate the boat tours are a boisterous bunch, and like to make people feel welcome – so they raised the Chilean flag, and played the national anthem while pilgrims merrily joined in. How’s that for a welcome?
Towards the end of the trip, the operators found out not all the pilgrims were from Chile, and the Canadian flag was flown while five Canadians joined in an enthusiastic round of ‘O Canada!
I’m not sure how well we performed, but the Chileans seemed impressed… or at least amused!

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