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His Gift

Matthew Harrison

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

bvmjesukiss.jpgAs I sit here typing this on Christmas Eve, there's a sense of excitement in the air.  Christmas is almost upon us!  This has me thinking about our Christmas Focus episode this year.
When I was preparing for the show I had a very simple first question for you -- What is Christmas for you?
I was surprised to find that I really struggled with the question.  I could think of words to describe Christmas: excitement, generosity, surprise, rebirth.  I could think of events: Mass, family dinner.  I could think of images: a shining star over the outline of a manger.
But perhaps my greatest struggle was the fact that I was not truly getting to what Christmas is.  I wasn't digging deep enough, maybe complicating what it is.  It is many things for many people, but ultimately it is a celebration of the birth of our Saviour.  It is the Word becoming flesh, and dwelling among us.  It is God becoming man; who gives Himself not only in the manger, but also on the cross -- all because of his unfathomable love for us.
We've wound our way through four weeks of Advent, and this idea is finally penetrating my heart.
God is the gift -- He gave Himself to us 2000 years ago, in the manger, then on the cross.
... and God is the gift today -- in the Eucharist... giving Himself on altars throughout the world in the celebration of Holy Mass. (Quebec City's International Eucharistic Congress' theme "Gift of God for the life of the world" comes to mind)
A constant giving.  An endless giving.  An eternal giving.  A never-ending gift.
I'll be thinking about this over the coming hours and days.
This is the gift that I will unwrap this Christmas.
I invite you to as well.
God bless, and merry Christmas.

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