High-Tech Babies

Matthew Harrison

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

colf1A multi-billion dollar industry.
That's how a Ottawa based Catholic Organization for Life and Family describes the economics of assisted procreation, an industry that has grown rapidly in the last 30 years. This topic is explored in a recent brochure from COLF titled High-Tech Babies: Exploring New Challenges to Human Dignity.
The 12-page document discusses the suffering of infertile couples, technologies used to create life (eg. IVF) and on their impact on the life of people and society. It also explores what the Catholic Church teaches about “so-called” medically assisted procreation.
COLF has written the brochure in an accessible question and answer format, and says it is appropriate for youth and adults, and a useful tool for couples, families, parishes, schools, universities, movements and organizations, etc.
To find out more information and to see the document in PDF format, visit colf.ca.

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