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Happy Fifth Birthday, Fountain of Love and Life!

Mary Rose Bacani Valenti

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

On Sunday, November 29th, the Chinese programming team of Salt + Light Television had their 5th Fundraising Gala at LeParc Banquet Hall in Thornhill, Ontario.
FLLCollageIt has become my honour and privilege to attend their annual fundraising dinners for their TV program Fountain of Love and Life, which happens to be the first Chinese Catholic radio/television program produced in Canada. It truly has become a pilgrimage for me, because I am always awed and inspired by what these Chinese Catholics are doing.
Paul Yeung, one of the main Coordinators of the Fountain of Love and Life ministry, gave an address of why the world needs Fountain of Love and Life and Catholic media. He brought up the article by Ken MacQueen in the November 20th edition of Macleans, entitled: What Canadians Really Believe.
Here’s a quote from it:
Let’s start by saying there’s never been a better time to be a Canadian mink, or a seal, or a lab rat. Canadians today are more likely to moralize about the treatment of animals than about the lives of our fellow humans. Just 22 per cent oppose euthanasia, but 41 per cent condemn medical testing on animals, the survey found. Abortion is considered morally wrong by 22 per cent of Canadians, fewer than the 31 per cent who have moral qualms about wearing fur. But while four in 10 oppose animal testing, only 17 per cent take issue with researchers using human embryonic stem cells. As for capital punishment, 53 per cent of Canadians consider it “morally acceptable,” a jump of six percentage points since Reid last asked the question in 2007.
Paul used this article to highlight how our Canadian society really needs to revamp its values system. And how much more urgent it is for us to bring Christ into the world through our lives and testimony. And that’s why the world needs Salt + Light and, in particular, Fountain of Love and Life. Their good news stories, their stories of light and hope, need to inspire new life in the world.
In the middle of his talk, Paul showed an 18-minute magazine piece on the history of Fountain of Love and Life, which featured interviews with staff, supporters, and families. I was very touched to see how they started from nothing, but that their faith has carried them through five years of programming. November 29th was a hallmark in their history – over 1,000 people were present, the largest number they’ve ever had at their fundraising galas and they raised $150,000 in total.
Watch out next year for a Catholic Focus episode on the Fountain of Love and Life Ministry, and prepare to be inspired!
In the past few years, apart from broadcasting via Salt + Light, FLL also began broadcasting on Fairchild TV in January of 2009 so Chinese people from different cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary can watch their programs. At the same time, FLL also launched a weekly radio program on Fairchild Radio (AM 1430) and made available all programs on the internet ( to people around the world. In September of 2009, FLL also made inroads into USA through launching its programs on Catholic TV, a broadband Catholic television station based in Boston.
The FLL ministry is mainly run by a group of dedicated volunteers and its operation relies 100% on donations. This annual fund raising gala is therefore one of their most important events. For any enquiries or donations, please visit their website at or call them at 416-206-4808.

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